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We are the first Public University Supported Kindergarten as a result from Strategic Partnership with Universiti Malaya. Click to download brochure in the button below.

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About UniChild

UniChild is an Enrichment Learning Centre that emphasizes STEM learning. The first Public University supported kindergarten as we are in the Strategic Partnership with Universiti Malaya. Preparing for the brightest future where the students are pushed out of their comfort zone and give them more confidence and socialize more.

“Malaysia’s First Public University Supported Kindergarten”

UniChild Programme

We are committed in introducing UM STEM syllabus produced by Universiti Malaya. STEM stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Freehand Drawing

Freehand Drawing

Enhance your child’s motor skills by improving their hand and eye coordination. Start drawing and grow your talents!


The focus on hands-on-learning helps develop a variety of skills sets including creativity. Preparing today’s children to become innovators and inventors of tomorrow begins with STEM education.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing is a fantastic technology to introduce to your children. Creating a digital model to be manufactured as a physical, three-dimensional object. 3D Printing is cool, fun and world-changing.

Time Schedule

Day: Saturday

Time: 9.00am

Day: Saturday

Time: 12:00pm

Activities tailored for the needs of kids

What They Say

“Everytime come to class, i get super excited to do the science experiments. I can play and learn with my friends at the same time. I also attend drawing class. At first it was hard. But with teacher’s help. Now I can draw nicely and i’m so excited everytime we move to another drawing topic!”

- Ziyadh

“My experience here in UniChild was so fun. Especially i get to know new friends from other schools and play with experiments with them.”

- Azra

“I love my drawing class. We are also able to draw as to what we wish to draw based on the topic given in the class. Drawing colouring is absolutely fun with my friends”

- Fong Weng Jack

Admission open for age 6-12
Contact: 013-3233856
Email: [email protected]

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